Superstars are individuals who exhibit an amplified individuality. They enjoy strong resonance between their natural creative predispositions, the activities they perform on a daily basis, and the environment in which they inhabit and influence.

BUNNY HOEST (CARTOONIST): “It’s all very fragile…nothing matters! …you have to have fun every day.”

Bunny is known as “The Cartoon Lady.” She is the creative engine behind the cartoon series “The Lockhorns.” The Lockhorns reaches 200-300 million readers around the world every week.

Matthew Stevens (Guitarist): “Just the act of being an artist is to be political.”

Matthew Stevens is the time and space bending virtuoso guitarist. His album Preverbal showcases a shape-shifting and multi-dimensional approach to music. You also catch the vocal stylings of his friend and collaborator, Esperanza Spalding, in his latest album.

JYPSY JEYFREE (ARTISTIC NOMAD): “The idea in society is to over-popularize artistry. But we don’t talk about the spiritual connection to art.”

Jypsy Jeyfree defies labels and nomenclature. An attempt would be to describe her as a singer, a painter, an instrumentalist, a nurturer…and yes, a spiritualist.

PEPITA SANDWICH (JOSEFINA GUARRACINO) (ILLUSTRATOR): “There’s no way I can’t draw something…I just need to do it.”

Pepita Sandwich is the marquee illustrator and cartoonist from Argentina. She combines rich colors and textures to tell signature stories that recently have taken a feminist bent.

JONATHAN BARBER (DRUMMER): “Everyone is an artist but there’s a level of artistry that separates the kids from the adults.”

Jonathan Barber occupies elite space as the drummer’s drummer. He is the incumbent winner of the 2018 “Up & Coming” Modern Drummer Readers Poll. With an even, calm demeanor, and complete mastery over his instrument, Jonathan is one of the coolest cats on the global music scene today.

SOLEIL LAURENT (GUITARIST): “Each one of us is a gift. And we have to align ourselves to be that gift for humanity.”

Soleil channels inspiration through her guitar in a way that unlocks hearts and creates a connected and spirit-filled atmosphere. She is the front-woman of the cutting edge rock band, Quantum Split, that is named after the famous and mysterious double-slit experiment in quantum physics.