Superstars are individuals who exhibit an amplified individuality. They enjoy strong resonance between their natural creative predispositions, the activities they perform on a daily basis, and the environment in which they inhabit and influence.

CARLOS ANDRES GOMEZ (SPOKEN WORD POET): “Everything I do; I have to do with this absolute abandon”

Carlos is a spoken word poet who Cornell West describes as “powerful, truthful, and sublime.” He has a viewership in the millions and his coming of age memoir, Man Up, has been described as a “fervent manifesto” by the Washington Post.

KHARY LAZARRE-WHITE (CO-FOUNDER THE BROTHERHOOD/SISTER SOL): “I’m not interested in the person that is not interested in the world”

Khary is the co-founder of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol: an entity providing wrap-around services to young people. Oprah Winfrey describes him as “using his passion to uplift and inspire a next generation.” Khary’s first novel, Passage, which released in the fall of 2017, has already been named to the Wall Street Journal’s Best in New Fiction list.

SUE PHILLIPS (PRESIDENT AND CEO, SCENTERPRISES): “What is the core value? What is the core message of the fragrance?”

Sue is a fragrance maven who designed the Tiffany and Burberry fragrances. She has also designed scents for celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, and Zendaya. For Sue, scent is about memories, emotions, and reflecting individuality.

ADAM STRAUSS (COMEDIAN): “Do I absolutely need to say this? Does this come from my deepest being?”

Adam is a storyteller. In his widely acclaimed, one-of-a-kind solo show, The Mushroom Cure, he narrates a deeply personal journey: his quest to find a cure for his obsessive compulsive disorder by experimenting with psychedelics.

YELENA YORK (POINTILLIST): “When it comes to my art, I would never change anything for you”

Yelena is an expert in pointillism: an artistic technique that requires months of devotion to creating large elaborate pieces using a sequence of pen-point dots. She is sponsored by Copic (the famous marker company) and has been featured by Complex Magazine.