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What is your favorite book of all time?

The Great Gatsby? Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe? Or perhaps it’s Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse. Let’s imagine a scenario where you are deeply immersed in that book.

You are experiencing flow. And then you turn
the page…and BANG! An ad for your last Amazon purchase jumps out from the pages like one
of those 3D graphics in a children’s book or
birthday card.

Or maybe it’s subtler. While Siddhartha is finding his way through Samsara, he decides to get travel insurance from GEICO. It is all very strange and absurd.


For these reasons, Superstar Agenda will never feature ads. Please consider becoming a sponsor in order to facilitate our commitment to creating highly resonant content. In return, you will receive the following exclusive content:


  • Audio readings of Superstar Agenda magazine articles by the interviewers and writers themselves. This is like a podcast in its delivery, but each article represents roughly 36 hours of work.From the interview prep, actual interview, writing process and synthesis (this is the real time suck but also key for the magic), and finally, the conversion to audio.
  • Gradual audio release of sections of the work-in-progress book, The Superstar Agenda. We will release the book over audio streaming first before it is printed and distributed by any major publisher – and this will only be available to sponsors.



Superstars are individuals who exhibit an amplified individuality. They enjoy strong resonance between their natural creative predispositions, the activities they perform on a daily basis, and the environment in which they inhabit and influence.

BUNNY HOEST (CARTOONIST): “It’s all very fragile…nothing matters! …you have to have fun every day.”

Bunny is known as “The Cartoon Lady.” She is the creative engine behind the cartoon series “The Lockhorns.” The Lockhorns reaches 200-300 million readers around the world every week.